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An innovative trio.

Adam Forkelid, piano & keyboards – Putte Johander, bass – Jon Fält, drums.


”While Lekverk’s music seemed to be almost pieced together as an afterthought, it became clear, as the 90-minute set progressed, that there was far more consideration at play. Groove mixed with individual and collective free play to create a curious musical mix where structure veered onto a collision course with freedom steeped in multiple, self-evident traditions, even when brought together in such unusual combinations as to seem, on the surface, incongruous. Johander, Forkelid and Fält worked to create both unified and disparate sounds that made Lekverk’s performance another high point of the festival.” John Kellman, Allaboutjazz





A Swedish dream team quartet.

Elin Larsson, sax – Adam Forkelid, pi – Pär-Ola Landin, bass – Christopher Cantillo, drums

“Uttrycket rymmer inre spänningar som genererar en ständig rörelse och en vacker föränderlighet.” Magnus Ericsson SvD

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Electronic jazz for the people.

Adam Forkelid, keys – Thomas Wingren, Ableton Live & perc – Peter Fredman, reeds – Anders Åstrand, vib – Calle Rasmusson, drums


“Soundscape Orchestra succeeds with apparent modesty to crack one of the truly great nuts. Namely to incorporate new technology and bring jazz forward.” Johannes Cornell, DN