Adam Forkelid/Georg Riedel/Jon Fält

Georg Riedel is doubtless one of the most legendary Swedish bass players of all time. Ever since he emerged on the Swedish Jazz Scene in the 1950’s he has been extremely productive and has played with numerous jazz giants, like Stan Getz and Swedish piano legend Jan Johansson, and also lead his own bands. He has always been highly productive as a composer and currently holds the record of number of registered musical works in Sweden of all time, with over 1000 pieces of music, ranging from children’s songs to entire operas. It is as a composer he is mostly known to many nowadays.

Getting to know Georg and playing regularly with him through the years, gave Adam the idea to compose a musical suite for Georg, which in some ways reflected upon his great personality and musicality, but foremost featured him as a bass player, since his great inventiveness and curiuosness as a musician is as fresh and young sounding as ever, and not always focused upon in recent years.

Together with drummer Jon Fält they premiered the suite in 2016 and are now in the process of recording it.